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About Marthina McClay

Marthina with Leo

Marthina began working with animals in childhood, first training her horse for barrel racing and later working with the family Dobermans. As an adult, she pursued other careers but eventually returned to her passion: helping people have successful relationships with their dogs. She became specifically interested in the Pit Bull breed in 2003, at which point she had already been training and working with dog-to-dog aggression issues.

In 2006, Marthina founded Our Pack, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in the south San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the adoption of "ambassador" Pit Bulls and education about the breed. Most recently, Marthina has become known across the country for her work with Leo, a former Michael Vick dog, who is now a certified therapy dog. She has been interviewed for her work with Leo by The Washington Post, People Magazine, Fox News, NBC11 news, Ladies Home Journal, and others. She continues to work on other large-scale animal abuse cases throughout the country.

Marthina specializes in dogs that are reactive to other dogs while on-leash, obedience training, leash/house manners, socialization, and animal-assisted therapy work. She teaches group classes and offers private consultations throughout the South Bay.


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