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Our two dogs are Shasta and Vesta. Shasta is a seven year old German Shepherd mix and Vesta is an eleven year old Boxer. Unfortunately they were never socialized.

Last summer our neighbor told us of your dog training class. Through your training we now have dogs that are dog friendly rather than dog aggressive. We can walk with them and run with them without having them lunge and snarl at other dogs. We don't have to cross the street to avoid other dogs, or turn around and walk away. We can talk with other dog owners at a park while Shasta and Vesta stand or sit at our side. Best of all now we can take them into the Campbell dog park without worrying about them attacking other dogs. It is nice finally to have well trained dogs. Maybe the best way to think of it is that you trained us, and the dogs relaxed.

Dawn and Joe Waterhouse


Spanky is a friendly and lively two-year old pit. Marthina and her dog school have made an enormous difference in our lives. The changes in his behavior have been amazing.

Before dog school, Spanky could not contain his excitement when other dogs were nearby. Before dog school, Spanky and I contested constantly over dominance in the household and during walks. On his first day at class, we were sidelined for wildness.

Spanky's behavior is now good enough to allow me to interact normally with other people on the street, even when they have a dog on leash. When a human in Spanky's family needs calm or patient behavior, we can now rely on verbal commands to sit or lie down.

A. J.


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